Some useful google chrome extension

Some useful google chrome extension


You can mark completed tasks and add websites to your list. With its collaboration tools, you can share your tasks with others, making it an excellent tool for developers and designers.

While browsing the internet can be risky nowadays, you can benefit from these extensions. Stylish makes web pages look more modern and adds custom skins to the browser.

Moreover, this extension is compatible with multiple browsers to install a single extension for each one, and it’s also compatible with all browser versions.


It organizes bookmarks, highlights, and notes into notes. Moreover, the click clean tool will delete all the typed URLs and remove your browser’s cache, cookies, and browser history.

You can also use this extension with Slack and Jira to make notes and share them. It also comes with a built-in microphone so that you can hear other people speaking at the same time.

You can even record videos using this tool, and it also helps you share them with your team on Slack and Jira.


Another useful Google Chrome extension can help you discover and use new fonts. For example, Fonts Ninja can display information about a particular font’s style, color, and line-height. You can even bookmark specific fonts you like, and you’ll be able to find these fonts on websites you visit. This extension can save you time and energy, and it can help you create better web designs and develop great software.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is an excellent tool for website owners to increase their online presence. Its easy-to-use interface is designed to make it easy to use, and it works with multiple browsers and can be download from the internet.

Once installed, SEO Quake will appear on your browser toolbar and provide you with a general overview of SEO parameters. The tool will also provide you with fundamental information about your domain. It will also provide you with social signals and website metrics, as well as your Alexa rank.

After installing SEO Quake, click the icon on your browser toolbar. It will provides your site traffic. By comparing these metrics, you can decide which keywords to focus on and improve your website. Once you know which keywords are the most difficult to rank for, you can use the app to optimize your site.

Similar web

The Similar Web chrome extension is a free tool that allows you to find similar websites and learn more about them. It displays a graph of traffic and shows other sites similar to yours. In this, you can even request a Full Analysis of your site.

This can be a valuable tool for analyzing your business’s performance and deciding which strategies to use. However, before you download this extension, you should read its privacy policy to make sure you know the terms and conditions of using it.

The Similar Web extension is a handy tool to download to your browser and view traffic data on any website. It displays traffic data over the past six months and breaks it down by visitor country and average pages per visit.

You can also see the breakdown of each site’s audience by reading detailed traffic reports and seeing how many visitors they get from each country. The Similar Web extension is a useful tool for people trying to understand the nature of their online traffic. It offers traffic data for the last six months and the average number of visits and pages per visit.

The extension also shows you the countries from where the traffic came from. You can use the Similar Web extension to discover which of your competitors’ websites have the most traffic.

Mozbar Extension

SEO Minion

Mail Tracker

Open Multiple URLs


This extension is use for the block ads on your web pages. And it also stops online video advertisement on sites.t offers filters to customize your web browsing experience and protect you from malware attacks. The Chrome browser will also show a red stop sign with a hand, which you can click to disable. If you do not want to disable AdBlock, you can use the default permissions to run the extension.

The best adblocker extension for Google Chrome is AdBlock. It blocks annoying ads and trackers, speeds up websites, and has a dashboard for controlling who collects private information. As one of the best free adblockers for Chrome, AdBlock can help you keep track of your online activity without being intrusive.

To block all advertisements, you can install the AdBlock extension. However, be aware that google may try to restrict this feature in the future. The company makes a lot of money from ads and tracking, so they do not promote the best adblocker. In the meantime, you can download third-party adblocker extensions from the Chrome web store. You can easily install and uninstall this extension at any time.

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