SEO approach for a website having 500 pages

SEO approach for a website having 500 pages

Run Facebook Ads for seo.

Just don’t tell me you don’t have sufficient funds to advertise. Let’s explain with an example. Suppose that you have selected “marketing on Quora” as your marketing approach for seo.

You need for seo:

Find applicable subjects on Quora wherein you could percentage your articles;

Write detailed answers (so that the moderators do not delete them);

Leave links to articles from your blog in answers.

Currently, leave a minimum of ten helpful solutions on Quora, and in each insert a link to blog posts.

I will wait until you complete it. Did you? Of course not. Because it can efficiently take over two hours to write ten answers on Quora.

How much do you think your time is worth?

if you rate yourself at a modest $ 15 an hour, two hours of your time will still be worth the money ($ 30).

Do you see where I am leading? Most people need to study about “free content material promotion strategies” due to the fact they do not want to pay to promote. But often they don’t realize that there isn’t a free method. Because there are opportunity costs.

In our example, the opportunity cost is $ 30 ㅡ the money you would have made if you spent those two hours on a paid job.

Now let’s get back to Face book ads.

We can obtain clicks from Facebook ads for a slighter than 30 cents.

This means that for $ 30, you can get over 100 guaranteed article clicks.

How many conversions do you observe you get from those 10 solutions on Quora? Maybe 10. Or maybe 500. And maybe ㅡ 0.

From personal experience, I can tell that to reach a minimum of 100 clicks by the end of the month, you need to spend a minimum of 5 hours in every week.

Now let’s estimate:

5 (hours) * 4.35 (weeks per month on average) * $ 15 (estimated salary per hour) = $ 326.25 (for 100 clicks from Quora).

Is it up to you to spend time looking to get visitors from Quora (or the usage of any other “free” promoting method), or would you rather invest a little money in Face book Ads and spend precious business hours on something more rewarding?

Do not misunderstand me. I am not discouraging you from the use of Quora to promote your posts.

Advancement to a current audience for seo

I see that too many bloggers (businesses?) Are limiting promotion to their existing audience. If that’s all you do to promote your content, you won’t get very far.

For example, with Face book ads, you can easily exclude from your audience those who have already read the article and pay only for clicks from people who did not know about you before.

Thus, you can effectively increase your audience and show content to more and more users. What happens when you send an article only to your existing subscriber base, or only to Twitter, Face book, or LinkedIn followers?

But is this a problem?

In the end, the existing audience will help spread the content (via tweets, reposts, messages, etc.) and more people will see it, right?

Not really.


, in case you already had a huge audience, you would not be analyzing my blog advertising article right now.


, the number of visitors from email newsletters or followers on Twitter and Face book is inconsistent. Because you’re unlikely to be able to attract as a minimum 30% of all subscribers to a new article.


, maximum individuals who go to the article do not study it to the end.

Not to mention share on Twitter or send to friends.

To get this effect, the article must be of exceptional quality. In other words, it is very difficult to get a tangible inflow of traffic just from word of mouth. I agree with you 100%.

Always promote a new blog post to an existing audience. Some of your fans can help with the promotion by retweeing and sharing the post with friends.

But do not deceive yourself.

Not all of your followers will do this.

Most won’t.

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