Prostrating before seniors an approach to kill the ‘ego’

Prostrating before seniors an approach to kill the ‘ego’

Prostrating before seniors an approach to kill the ‘ego’ within you and help humility take over

There is a reason why the Rishis of ancient India advised people to bend their body a little. And say “Namaste”. And do Prostrating when they greet others. Also visit our other articles of our website

There is reason why elders ask the young ones to take a moment to pray before proceeding to do anything. That are of immense importance to them.

India is only land in the whole world where feet is worship. And people often choose to willfully prostrate before their worshiping idol or their elders. There is a reason behind it.

It is a false notion that ego can be kill. Had it been possible, man would have already killed it by now. What is actually possible is to control ego whenever its raises its hood.

When you fold your hands for Prostrating

When you fold your hands for Prostrating you are willing to “receive” and when you are willing to receive, ego withdraws allowing knowledge and understanding to seep in.

Folding hands enables humility which is the opposite of arrogance that blocks learning in man. When ego withdraws, humility seeps in preparing the person to ‘receive.’

When ego withdraws, you are able to listen and listening enables you to learn new options, possibilities, ideas and gather new knowledge which ego was blocking when it was present.

Ego infuses arrogance and arrogance is ignorance. Ignorance has been identify as the single most stumbling factor that causes miseries in man by Rig Veda.

In Sanskrit God is call “Dhaivam” which came from the root, “Divam” meaning, “Light, to illuminate, sparkling, shining, etc’ and light is always equate to ‘knowledge.’

“Guru” is “that which dispels the darkness of ignorance” and elders are give the status of “Gurus” in India. It is from the parents that a child begins his learning journey in life; is he not?

Touching the feet and prostrating before the elders therefore, not only are refined expressions of recognizing the first Guru of our life, But a conscious effort, A reminder, to ward of the pervading ego for the humility and all the benefits to seep in to be more effective, productive, successful and happy in life.

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