Important SEO tips for your WordPress blog

Important SEO tips for your WordPress blog

Are you know more than 70% of websites are run on WordPress? It’s because it’s easy to use, free of cost, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Therefore, if you’ve just launched your website but can’t afford expensive design and graphics solutions, you should consider WordPress. With just a couple of basic understandings of search engine optimization and techniques, you can enhance your WordPress site without hiring external search engine optimization companies.

Below are 10 of the most effective SEO strategies for your website. Search engine technology for Optimization for your WordPress website that could increase the amount of traffic to your site:

Host Name as well as Domain

The choice of the correct hostname and the domain plays an important role in the overall position of a site. While this is a great option for pocket-friendly hosting, this hosting shares hosts’ resources with various other websites. This can negatively affect the speed of your website and could be an important ranking factor. Other problems associate with shared hosting include the possibility of being blacklist by a neighbor. If a website on the same server is boned, it’s the enduring IP, and this affects the reputation online of the other sites hosted on that server since most of them have the same IP.

VPS hosting is significantly less than employing a dedicated hosting service and offers greater transparency in the allocation of resources. In VPS hosting plans, the hosting provider provides access to a predetermined portion of the resources available to the host. If you’re on the funds to pay for it, it is recommended to use the cloud-hosted service to host your website.

Find the SSL certificate

When someone types the URL of a website, hoping to establish a relationship with the site, instant communication occurs between the user and the site. In addition, it increases the user’s trust since the browser is a sign that the website is secure. So, SSL certificates include an additional layer of security to your site and allow it to operate on HTTPS, an online protocol that’s more secure than HTTP. This is a condition for any site that sells products or services on its site.

Most importantly, popular search engines like Google have a tendency to rank websites that use HTTPS more highly than sites that do not have HTTPS. Although it’s one of many factors that rank, it’s a factor that Google confirms on its own.

If you run an organization, you’ll need to choose a more extensive SSL certification, such as an OV SSL certificate. It is ideal for websites associate with e-commerce as it indicates that the company’s presence has been confirmed by the Certificate Authority — as therefore, it’s likely to be ranked higher.

Description and Headings

Examining your website’s name tags and key phrases is crucial for bringing visitors organically to your site. In doing this, you will significantly lower the chances of your website not being noticed. Furthermore, using the right H tags can greatly impact how spiders browse your website. For instance, the H1 tags must provide the information and give the user a clear idea of what’s in store. The H2 tags go deeper into the guide and split into chunks larger than the others or subtopics.

Use SEO-Optimize topics

Did you know that choosing the perfect WordPress theme can improve the traffic to your website? Articles are the less one, while the other is more. When choosing one, make sure you select an easy-to-use layout as WordPress themes with features are heavy codes. In addition, before selecting the most search engine optimized theme take a look at the total number of configurations and the most recent update on the subject.

Add cache plugin

If you utilize WordPress, the best way to achieve this is by using W3 Complete Cache. W3 Complete Cache plugin. It is credited with its remarkable ability to optimize the speed of loading pages.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website

Google has more than 60% of total web traffic from mobile devices, which is why the algorithm of Google now follows the mobile-first approach. If you have an online site that isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll be missing out on a significant amount of visitors. In the WordPress repository, you can see that the most popular themes offer mobile-friendly features with the premium versions.

Responsive subjects can automatically adjust the device’s size from which the website was access. In addition, responsive websites load more quickly on mobile phones and tablet computers and are ideal for people with compact mobile gadgets that can conduct searches on the move. If you have a responsive website, this is how to find out the factors preventing it from being rank well and fix some issues.

Utilize a specially designed SEO plugin

Yoast plugin can also allow websites to create a sitemap that makes it appropriate for your web crawlers to browse.

Another problem that plagues many websites is duplicate content. The users are often legitimate businesses with two different website versions geared towards mobile devices and one for personal computers. In these situations, canonical tags could help address the issue. However, even though creating them isn’t too difficult, it could become a huge problem for an individual who is not a tech expert. Yoast SEO plugin solves this problem by automatically creating meta tags for each of the web pages you have on your website.


Optimizing images can be easy however it can be tedious and the most efficient way to do it. You can simplify this Herculean task and easily compress your photos with the best plugins. Based on the type of website you manage, there is a chance that you will not have to sacrifice the quality of your images. This plugin is a great option to reduce JPEG pictures by around 40 – 60% and PNG pictures by around 50-80. Adding the correct name tags and alt tags for the compressed images makes it possible to improve them quickly.

 It’s also an excellent time-saver since it can compress close to 50 photos at once. In addition to compression of pictures, it lets users utilize its idle load feature to delay off-screen images and locate large photos on your site that can delay the loading time.

Most site owners are too focus on external linking and aren’t aware of the power to use internal links. Linking to related posts on your website can significantly increase the engagement of your visitors by keeping them interested. Furthermore, it increases visibility and offers you the opportunity to display more details to your readers. By linking to internal hyperlinks on the website, you tell search engine results how important the page is and how extensive your website is. Because it’s a time-consuming process, it is possible to use WordPress plugins like Link Whisper and Rank Math to simplify the SEO process.

On the other hand, external linking, an increasingly popular method of optimizing your search results, does not tell people using the SERPs about your site and determines your website’s content is unique. But, it’s an ambiguous word that can be the cause or the end of your website. Poorly constructed external links could signal to search engines that you’re trying to trick them, so you should focus on domains with considerable authority within the exact similar niche. In this case, an online travel site should attract visitors from other leisure and travel websites with good domain authority. Domain authority can be checked for free on sites such as site SEO checker, Ahrefs, etc.

Avoid duplicate pages

If you’ve got a WordPress site containing duplicate pages, it can badly impact your SEO. This is typically the case if you’ve got a label and a class, the title is label in the same way. In this example, suppose you have the class ‘Rat’, but you can also create the label ‘Rat’ on a blog post. This is quite feasible when you have multiple writers accessing your backend. An easy way to avoid this is to announce the ‘No Index’ tag on the page of lesser importance. You can add No index on important pages. The above list will be the top 10 methods to optimize your search engine for WordPress websites. WordPress allows you to incredibly easy to set up your SEO as the repository has an plugin for everyone.


The repository isn’t adequately control since the plugins were develop by third-party developers and not by WordPress. For every plugin you download, there is the possibility of downloading plugins with malware.

It is essential to increase the security of your website by adding at the very least an inexpensive SSL certification. Also, be aware that adding many plugins can slow down your site.

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