Dark Secrets Of Stock Market

Dark Secrets Of Stock Market

Stock Market Trading has spread across the world. It’s made its way into working professionals and business people ( primarily men) But there is one thing that makes me sad about how people approach trading Utmost people do not get complete clarity before they start jumping into the trading arena.

Let me explain : I lately encountered tons of conversations/ debates between people talking about the’ Dark Side of the stock market request.’

There were 2 crucial effects I noticed

First, the people who talked about the’ Dark Side’of the request were themselves, not regular dealers. They either took trades for a many days and lost their capital or took trades’ sometimes’ (who knows what that means).

Alternate, they have not studied the stock request deeply. Their own understanding of trading is limited to what traditional delineations say or report.

I’m trading in the request since 2007 and took it as a full- time career in 2016. I’ve seen a many people who made further than 1 crore in a day, but I’ve also seen numerous people who lost all their capital in one day.

So, grounded on my trading experience below are the dark secrets of stock request trading.

Secret :- 1

Stock Market Trading is analogous to a fierce fight between YOUvs. Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Manny Pacquiao,etc., altogether contemporaneously.

At least in boxing, you’ll see who’s punching and from which direction punches are coming.

But in trading, you do n’t get a chance to see these punches from experts.

It’s because trading is designed in such a manner. Anyone can enter and share in the game. When you can take a trade, always remember you’re fighting with numerous people who have spent decades in this business!

Secret :- 2

For 3-5 times, the request has been run by robots not people. Motorized algorithmic models punch the vast maturity of the trades/ volume.

We saw numerous freak trades and price harpoons because of the bug in the rendering strategies.

Secret :- 3

There’s no similar thing as 80 – 90 delicacy without compromising on the profit factor. People who claim 80 – 90 delicacy are moreover god or fake.

Secret :- 4

The request does not watch about your character, education qualification, or experience.
Still, it gives the plutocrat, and it steals back your plutocrat if you’re wrong, If you’re right.

Secret :- 5

Numerous people still don’t know the difference between a Traditional Broker and a Reduction broker.

Hence, numerous people (who conclude for conventional brokers) end up paying further brokerage and freights to them (it is insanely high, occasionally up to 5 – 10 times of the reduction brokers).

Secret :- 6

In the long run it’s insolvable to make plutocrat depending on the news. This conception looks good only in pictures (ex-The Big Bull).

Secret :- 7 & 8

Trading without stop- loss or keeping stop- loss only in mind or having stop- loss on a ending base is a sin in the stock request.
People who follow any of the below ways will wipe out their accounts soon.
Trading Psychology and Plutocrat Operation are more important than specialized analysis.

Secret :- 9

Utmost of the IPO are over priced. Because of the hype created before the release, numerous people subscribe to these IPOs and lose plutocrat.

Secret :- 10

The request is a zero-sum game (except for the brokerage/ levies).

When the request falls, numerous news channels claim like some NNN, bones have been wiped out from the request.

But technically, this statement isn’t correct. Because when the request is falling, there might be a person (or numerous people) who decided for a short trade.

After the fall, they would have made enormous gains, and they enjoy their holiday on strands.

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